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Tindley Renaissance Elementary School: College starts here.

An extension of the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School, the Tindley Renaissance Elementary School is an open enrollment charter elementary school designed to lift youth up through the power of education.

We believe it’s critical for elementary school students to begin preparing for rigorous middle school, high school and college opportunities at a young age. That’s why our students participate in a challenging and interactive curriculum based on the same accelerated model used at the Tindley high school and middle schools.

In the end, our students will possess the confidence, academic ability and resiliency to overcome obstacles on their journey toward academic and professional success.

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School News Important Information Regarding Kindergarten Entrance at Tindley

TINDLEY ACCELERATED SCHOOLS MEMORANDUM FROM: Tindley Accelerated Schools DATE: May 1, 2017 SUBJECT: Kindergarten Entrance Requirement At Tindley Accelerated Schools, college starts the day our Kindergarteners enter our front doors on their first day of school. As such, it is … Continue reading

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